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Curated by Filip Visnjic of CreativeApplications.net
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Fine Collection of Curious Sound Objects
by Georg Reil, Kathy Scheuring

Storytelling combined with physical computing. Six mundane objects incorporate sensors that trigger feedback to the user as part of a fictional history of the objects.

Links: geschoir.de, theplacetofindme.de

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Just Landed
by Jer Thorp

Combines Processing, Twitter, and MetaCarta to map the phrase "Just landed in..." onto the globe and renders as video.

Links: blprnt.com

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John Henry von Neumann
by Chandler B. McWilliams

Performance that recasts the archetypal conflict between human and machine labor as a competition to complete an algorithmic drawing in an eight-hour workday.

Links: brysonian.com

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In the Air
by Victor Viña, Nerea Calvillo

Visualization project to reavel the invisible agents of Madrid's air (gases, particles, pollen, etc.), to see how they relate to the city.

Links: Victor Viña, Nerea Calvillo

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by Vladimir Todorovic

Generative movie that portrays a possible computing platform for the future. The story takes place in Singapore, where a decision about the new device is about to be made.

Links: tadar.net, tadar Flickr

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by Ryan Alexander

A simulation of fungal hyphae growth using images as food.

Links: onecm.com, onecm Flickr

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The Jelly Face Experiments
by NYX (Liina Nilsson)

Experiments with pixel-by-pixel operations in real time exploring the possibilities of the Processing video libraries. Playing with techniques like slit scan, frame differencing, and datamoshing.

Links: NYX Blog

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New Year's Cards, 2001-2010
by Golan Levin

For nearly a decade, Golan Levin has used Processing to create his annual interactive holiday cards. Explore this set of modest projects which connect the dots through one artist's process -- and happy holidays!

Links: Flong

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COP15 Generative Identity
by Mikkel Koser

Software for generating the COP15 identity - the UN Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen Dec 2009. It explores how turbulence and naturally evolving patterns can illustrate the complex decision making that goes on at the conference.

Links: okdeluxe, shiftcontrol, NR2154

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Branching Morphogenesis
by Sabin+Jones LabStudio

Explores fundamental processes in living systems and their potential application in architecture. The installation materializes five slices in time that capture the force network exerted by interacting vascular cells.

Links: Sabin+Jones LabStudio, Jenny Sabin, Andrew Lucia, Jones Lab

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Telekom Realtime Information Graphics
by Zum Kuckuck

Realtime Information Graphics showing the international data interchange and the network traffic at the Product Experience Center of the Deutsche Telekom in Darmstadt, Germany.

Links: Zum Kuckuck, Atelier Markgraph

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by Ben Hemmendinger

Wayfarer is a developing roguelike game with retro, quasi-3D graphics. Explore randomly generated dungeons and battle peculiar foes! Perish horribly!

Links: benhem.com, RogueBasin

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