This example is for Processing 3+. If you have a previous version, use the examples included with your software. If you see any errors or have suggestions, please let us know.

Loading Tabular Data by Daniel Shiffman.

This example demonstrates how to use loadTable() to retrieve data from a CSV file and make objects from that data. * Here is what the CSV looks like: * x,y,diameter,name 160,103,43.19838,Happy 372,137,52.42526,Sad 273,235,61.14072,Joyous 121,179,44.758068,Melancholy

// An Array of Bubble objects
Bubble[] bubbles;
// A Table object
Table table;

void setup() {
  size(640, 360);

void draw() {
  // Display all bubbles
  for (Bubble b : bubbles) {
    b.rollover(mouseX, mouseY);

  text("Click to add bubbles.", 10, height-10);

void loadData() {
  // Load CSV file into a Table object
  // "header" option indicates the file has a header row
  table = loadTable("data.csv", "header");

  // The size of the array of Bubble objects is determined by the total number of rows in the CSV
  bubbles = new Bubble[table.getRowCount()]; 

  // You can access iterate over all the rows in a table
  int rowCount = 0;
  for (TableRow row : table.rows()) {
    // You can access the fields via their column name (or index)
    float x = row.getFloat("x");
    float y = row.getFloat("y");
    float d = row.getFloat("diameter");
    String n = row.getString("name");
    // Make a Bubble object out of the data read
    bubbles[rowCount] = new Bubble(x, y, d, n);

void mousePressed() {
  // Create a new row
  TableRow row = table.addRow();
  // Set the values of that row
  row.setFloat("x", mouseX);
  row.setFloat("y", mouseY);
  row.setFloat("diameter", random(40, 80));
  row.setString("name", "Blah");

  // If the table has more than 10 rows
  if (table.getRowCount() > 10) {
    // Delete the oldest row

  // Writing the CSV back to the same file
  saveTable(table, "data/data.csv");
  // And reloading it

// A Bubble class

class Bubble {
  float x,y;
  float diameter;
  String name;
  boolean over = false;
  // Create  the Bubble
  Bubble(float x_, float y_, float diameter_, String s) {
    x = x_;
    y = y_;
    diameter = diameter_;
    name = s;
  // CHecking if mouse is over the Bubble
  void rollover(float px, float py) {
    float d = dist(px,py,x,y);
    if (d < diameter/2) {
      over = true; 
    } else {
      over = false;
  // Display the Bubble
  void display() {
    if (over) {