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Versions: 1.0+
Contributors: watz
Started: 2006-02-25

There is currently no Processing-specific library for Wacom tablets. A solution for Windows is described on the Processing forums: Wacom with jWintab. The library mentioned there is JTablet. There is also an old library called JWinTab by Amit Pitaru, there was a 0090 test release, which presumably does not work with Processing 0094+.

For now, the information from the Processing Forums is just republished here. The hack as described was created by Marcello Bastea-Forte, author of JTablet. A Mac hack is still needed.

Download the JTablet software from http://www.cellosoft.com/sketchstudio/. You will need to create a “code” folder and copy the jtablet.jar and jtablet.dll files from “C:\Program Files\Cellosoft\JTablet” into it. When installing the tablet software, Wintab32.dll should automatically be installed. If it isn't, you will most likely run into problems.

Source Code

Example taken from http://processinghacks.com/hacks:example
Originally from http://processing.org/ (search for "JTablet")
@author Marcello Bastea-Forte
import cello.tablet.*;
JTablet jtablet = null;
void setup() {
  try {
    jtablet = new JTablet();
  } catch (JTabletException jte) {
    println("Could not load JTablet! (" + jte.toString() + ").");
void draw() {
  try {
    // Get latest tablet information
  } catch (JTabletException jte) {
    println("JTablet Error: " + jte.toString());
  if (mousePressed && jtablet.hasCursor()) {
    // Get the current cursor
    JTabletCursor cursor = jtablet.getCursor();
    ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, cursor.getPressureFloat() * 20, cursor.getPressureFloat() * 20);


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