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*[[Supported Platforms]]
*[[Supported Platforms]]
*[[Export Info and Tips]]
*[[Export Info and Tips]]
*[[Changes]] (includes upcoming 2.0 changes)
*[[Error Messages]]
*[[Error Messages]]
*[[Video Issues]]
*[[Video Issues]]

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Welcome to the Processing Wiki; it complements the main site, The wiki includes code documentation, reference material, code samples, and more. Please have a look around. If you would like to edit this wiki, send an email to Casey (reas at processing dot org) with your name and information about how you'd like to contribute.


Processing is a community of passionate individuals contributing time and intelligence to make excellent software.

FAQ & Technical Info

If you're having trouble, this is the first place to look. If you have a question not covered, visit the forum.

Topics, Resources, and Lists

Resources related to Processing culture, technology, and community.

Language Comparisons

Comparing Processing to other languages exposes its unique and similar qualities. Comparison assists people familiar with one language to transfer their knowledge.

Code Snippets

Snippets are useful, short code examples. They are general and modular to be easily edited and used in other programs.


Conversations with people who use Processing for work and play.

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